2003 Infiniti G35 Recalls

Engine,February 27, 2006
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The fuel filler hose may crack and result in fuel leaking while filling the gas tank. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can cause a fire. Dealers will replace the fuel filler hose. The recall began on March 13, 2006. The Infiniti recall number is R0508 and the Nissan recall number is R0505.

Engine,December 22, 2003
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The circuit board for the crank position sensor and cam position sensor may have improper solder joints. This could cause the Service Engine Soon lamp to come on, the engine may not start, you could experience reduced power, or the engine may stall without warning, which could result in a crash. Dealers will replace the the crank position sensor, cam position sensors, and in some cases, the variable timing control sensors. The recall began on December 22, 2003. The Nissan recall number is R2022 and the Infiniti recall number is R3021.

Brakes,June 23, 2003
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The brake stop lamp switch may malfunction, which means the brake lights may not illuminate when the brake is pressed. This could result in a crash without warning. Dealers will replace brake lamp switch. The recall began June 23, 2003. The Nissan recall number is R3011.

Electrical & Lights,January 20, 2003
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Tamperproof caps may be missing from the headlamp adjusters. This is against the Federal Safety Standard. Dealers will install the missing tamperproof caps on the headlight assemblies. The recall began on January 20, 2003.

Engine,October 7, 2002
RepairPal Expert Overview:

During manufacturing, the fuel hose connection at the fuel pump outlet may not have been secured properly. The connection could come loose when starting the engine or while driving. This could create a large fuel leak and the engine will stall from lack of fuel. If the engine stalls without warning, this could cause a crash, and a fuel leak could result in a fire in the presence of an ignition source. Dealers will inspect the fuel hose connection, and properly attach it if necessary. The recall began October 7, 2002.