2012 Hyundai Sonata Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on November 16, 2015

The brake lights may stay illuminated when the brake pedal is released, which can prevent drivers from knowing if the vehicle is slowing or stopping. Additionally, the shift lever for the automatic transmission may be moved from the park position without depressing the brake pedal. This could cause the vehicle to roll unintentionally.

RepairPal Expert Overview on September 10, 2015

The engine may develop a knocking noise and could fail due to a manufacturing process allowing excessive metallic debris to remain after the crankshaft of the engine was manufactured and installed. This could result in the engine stopping and stalling, resulting in potential of a crash.

RepairPal Expert Overview on July 18, 2014

The gear selected may not be properly shown by the transmission gear indicator.

RepairPal Expert Overview on July 24, 2012

Hyundai is recalling certain 2012-2013 Sonata passenger cars because the side curtain airbags may inflate unexpectedly.

RepairPal Expert Overview on March 8, 2012

On certain vehicles, the center rear seat belt may incorporate a release mechanism that detaches both the lap and shoulder portion at the belt's lower anchor point. This design may not meet federal safety standards. Only vehicles in dealer inventory are being recalled at this time.