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the wheel bearing was replaced and the ABS warning light was on ever since then
Been buying Michelin...what else is out there that would be good to help prevent hydro-planing. I live in the desert and tires go quickly.
Check engine lite has been on for 2 years with a heavy smell of gas. Cost of needless repairs....many thousands of dollars New gas cap...10$ Advice from all of you on this site....PRICELESS!!!! Thanks to all of yo...
I did as told and went to AutoZone,the code is P1457. They told me this is evap emmisions control system leak and the first thing to try is a new gas cap. $9.99 cents later and i no longer smell gas...so far! I have a...
Also a strong smell of gas when starting the car. I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to work on my s2000 in Santa Fe. Not even the dealership! Any thoughts?
also got a P300, 301, and 303 misfire codes, assuming the gas treatment and fresh gas I'm going to try doesn't clear this, what next?? I drive it infrequently, but make sure gas is treated with Stabil if its going to...
Rattle in the engine has been diagnosed as the timing chain tensioner, guides and arm need replacing. What is the cost of this?