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And I also noticed that the transmission seemed to be slipping after stopping and then going
Do i dare drive the vehicle on a 1500 mile trip without replacing it. It is a long slit but does really not have a gap and the vehicle seems to run fine??
The map light for the driver and passenger does not come on when the door is opened but the other two dome lights turn on in the middle and back
My vehicle has 72,000 miles and although I've owned other vehicles and never had 72K on them in such a short period of time, I've never had bushing problems. Does anyone know if there is any other problems, I should b...
This has happened twice now, you can try and apply the brake pedal however the brake pedal is very stiff and the brakes do not come on causing a concern. The ambient temperature has been -30 C...does that play a facto...
Whydoes the differential need to be flushed at 15000 miles
we does the rear differential need to be flushed at 15,000 miles
Just recently my interior lights come on automatically while I am driving. Sometimes it is when I drive over a bump such as a railroad crossing and sometimes it is when I make a turn. The dealer says he has never he...