The power door locks lock and unlock themselves constantly while I'm driving. My remote opens and close all the doors except the driver's side door.doors started locking every time I hit 10 mph if I just recently gone below that same speed. In stop and go traffic it is very irritating. Honda should recalled because is very dangerous driving with children in the back while the doors open and close

2011 Honda Pilot has an odor coming from the air conditioner air . Smells like stale air or tar ?

It displayed once last week. Since the car has 40,000 miles, I changed the trany fluid. And it came on today

code says 2nd clutch pressure switch is stuck or stuck on. What is the price of fixing this? Is there anything else, I should also have changed?

And I also noticed that the transmission seemed to be slipping after stopping and then going

Harness light was on for an hour or more

Do i dare drive the vehicle on a 1500 mile trip without replacing it. It is a long slit but does really not have a gap and the vehicle seems to run fine??

The map light for the driver and passenger does not come on when the door is opened but the other two dome lights turn on in the middle and back

My vehicle has 72,000 miles and although I've owned other vehicles and never had 72K on them in such a short period of time, I've never had bushing problems. Does anyone know if there is any other problems, I should be aware of?
I also just replaced my brake pads and rotors and am still hearing squeaking sound when I brake. Is there something I should be looking for?

This has happened twice now, you can try and apply the brake pedal however the brake pedal is very stiff and the brakes do not come on causing a concern. The ambient temperature has been -30 C...does that play a factor on brake fluid or do we have an issue with a master cylinder, booster etc??? No engine lights have been on during this situation.
Please help if you can.