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Had struts replaced and then came along an annoying clunk on drivers side rear and I am told all is tight back there etc. Could it be the stabilizer link? How can you tell if they are bad? I have 94,000 on pilot......
Hello, I recently started to hear "knocking" noises from the front left side of my 08 Honda pilot when going over any sort of bumps in the road..more so at slow speed.. Or that's at least when I can hear it most cl...
Have had the brakes and rotors replaced. The light seems to reset when each time the vehicle is started but comes back on shortly after driving. Lost brakes once but pumped the brakes and they came back. Once home che...
the front map lights don't come on when i open the door but the rear ones do. the front map lights work manually.
I was told that I had to have platinum plugs or I could damage my engine?
When I make a sharp turn (left or right)the power steering unit whines. It only started in the last two weeks. I haven't found any leaks, does anyone have an idea?
car started fine in the morning in the afternoon it wont start. got a jump started right up. the following day started up fine again. the batery on the key remote is low, does this have anything to do with it?
during car wash rear wiper arm broke off near base removed nut but can't get arm to come off afraid to force what do i do
after i disconnected my stereo i got a code error on my stereo and i lost my anti theft card what do i do?
just purchased the pilot and after three tanks of gaa mileage is 12 MPG. Engine races with rpms going to 3500 before transmissions shifts. Any suggestions on repair?
I'm considering synthetic oil at my next oil change. Is there a specific oil filter that is designed for synthetic oil? I was told of some issues with oil filters loosening up when using synthetic oil. Is there any tr...