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Had power steering flushed but noticed leak
I reset parking break but didn't help. First time this has happened. Recently had break fluid,flushed and pads checked.
My daughter-in-law also has a Pilot and complains of the same thing.
The low tire pressure light has not come on, but the TPMS light came on while driving the other day. Stayed on about 10 minutes and then turned itself off. Any idea?
The light that stays on can be shut of with switch on dash board. All doors are shut fully.
Just found out that I may need a newly used engine for my pilot. The price I have gotten so far is $4500, so what else can I do. I need my car.!!
don't park in rain build garage carry tarp
The vehicle stability assist and VTM-4 engages without me turning it on.
How long will it take to go out completely? Should I not drive it?