Most of the time I hear a weird noise coming from the passenger side dash, I am sure it is the heat/ac as when I play with the temp the noise changes. What gives?

The catalyst indicator at the smog test center indicates the unit cannot be tested. I've been to the smog test center 3 times. thanks.

Driving and the headlight went out. Changed the bulb but neither low or high beam will work on the passengers side. Keeps blowing low bulbs.

I recently had my cat and o2 sensor on bank1 replaced because it was running to lean but now it's to rich also had plugs replaced any ideas what to do next honda wants an hourly diagnosis to open up Engine and would not even give an estimate on how long diagnosis may take 2-15 hours maby they told me and Napa is clueless

Driving it stalled.Thought I was out of gas.put gas in.Checked oil and it was low.
Started but little to o compression

Had power steering flushed but noticed leak