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Last summer, I started having an issue with the climate control. When the weather started getting cooler, if I switched from A/C to heat, it wouldn't switch back to A/C with the climate control knob. After a few trips...
Is this estimate reasonable? What can be damaged if not replaced?
This doesn't seem to affect the handing of the vehicle. However, when the light is on I can't shift into the lower gears. I successfully followed the owner's manual instruction to turn this light off. But then it c...
My pilot makes a knocking sound when idling. Could this be sticking lifters ?
The a/c just stopped blowing cold air. It only blows warm-hot. Last summer it wasn't keeping up with our record high temps. Turns out the cooler fan wiring had disconnected. Once I reconnected it and added some A/C PR...
Was wondering if anyone had some info they could share with me on how to replace headlight assemblies on a 2003 Honda Pilot. Thanks :)
what is the effect of EGR to the engine if negleted?
My 2003 Honda Pilot's rear rear windows doesn't work
Can you tell me what suspension part needs to be replaced?