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I have taken it in numerous times. They even put in an updated DVD device. Same problem after more than 3 years!!!!!!
Door should be unlocked as right door works fine. Get beeping continuous sound when button to open is pushed.
I bought it as a flood vehicle with the fuse boxes changed. I've already put on 25,000 miles. The only persisting problems it got is 1)Power sliding doors won't open when ignition is on, or car started(it'll power ...
Recently jumped started my 2012 Odyssey, afterwards the abs & traction control warning lights came on. The van only has 4000 miles on it. How do I reset these warning lights? Thanks
Recently Jumped started my 2012 Odyssey, now power side doors will not open when van in running. How do I reset?
I have 12000 on my 2012 odyssey it is telling me service due, oil at 10% life left. the dealer is saying its not due untill 15000 miles! the car is not driving properly. reving, soft brks, soft foot brk, etc. is this ...
Dealer said it was a recall issue & tightened bolts. Now it seems worse-especially 1st thing on very cold day.Has anyone heard of a similar problem? Dealer "can't hear it" now although it's worse than before. Car arou...
The dealer has offered a maintenance contract that covers all the required service for the 5 year at $1200. Is this a good deal or a rip off?