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About an hour earlier, I couldn't open up driver's door to get out. Had to lock and unlock doors multiple times to make door work. And then it would catch partly before I finally got it to open.
We found out by accident and we haven't figured out how to make it happen again. Last night that key was up in a cupboard and our van randomly turned on! Keys weren't in ignition! There must be remote start but we ...
I have a customer with a 2010 Honda Odyssey and when they turn the heat on, it only blows cold air. They've had the system flushed last year when the same symptoms occurred and that fixed it. But now the problem is ...
After juggling the modes and temperature some times it fixes the problem not all the time.
Whenever I park my vehicle on a slope it requires extra effort to shift gears from park and it makes a very loud noise.
If I juggle the modes and the temperature settings some times it starts to work fine
If I juggle the mode switch and the temperature setting sometimes the A/C starts working fine.
Two out of the last 3 mornings I have found my van half-way down my driveway. I obviously didn't park it there and no one else has keys to or drives my van. It is not on ice. What could be failing that is allowing ...
is there really a difference in brake fluids or is this just a Honda marketing ploy
I already checked and fix the tire pressure, but the light wouldn't turn off. Somebody said I should drive it for more than 3 minutes faster than 20mph. I did, and light is still on. thanks
One of the two overhead dome lights has failed. How do I access that panel so I can replace the bulb.
Where is the cabin air filter located and how do you change it?