The dash tells me I have 10% oil life left. How many more miles can I go before I have to change it?

Driver side window is only one working.

Replaced #10 fuses for my non working high beams and still don't work - what should I do next

Automatic door locks stopped working

Interested in how difficult it is to locate

High beams do not work

The ac quit working Saturday. The compressor isn't engaging. I checked the low pressure sensor and I don't have power to any of the 4 pins. I switched the relay from one of the others in the box as suggested on YouTube still nothing. Any help would be appreciated !

Doesn't matter how high I turn up the temperature on the driver's side, it seems like there is very little heat being blown down around my feet. At -20 C or colder it is a concern, especially on a long drive. Is there something I can check to alleviate the problem?

Honday Odyssey 2007, 97,000 miles. Dealer says new power steering gear for 2K, and control arm for 1.2K. Spark plugs form 1k, and transmission fluid change. Are these reasonable estimates. $4.4k is more than I can afford.

Dealer wants to charge $1000 states l hole in compressor.. but that doesn't seem like that is problem. why hot air only from drivers side front and not both sides or in rear. This is going on for 4 days.


How much is involved to have it repaired. Does the door have to come off?? Dealer said roller, as the door starts and then stops, very jerky and very hard to move.

I keep getting a message on my display saying "check fuel cap". I changed the fuel cap and i am still getting the message.

When I manually try to unlock from the inside, it tries to lock again. If I hold the unlock button from the inside, it will unlock but doesn't respond to the remote unlock or front unlock controls. The door won't open if I use the automatic open. I can only manually open the door. I tried pulling fuses and replaced the door lock actuator but I still can't get the door to unlock or open automatically. Thanks for any advice you may have.