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How much is involved to have it repaired. Does the door have to come off?? Dealer said roller, as the door starts and then stops, very jerky and very hard to move.
I keep getting a message on my display saying "check fuel cap". I changed the fuel cap and i am still getting the message.
When I manually try to unlock from the inside, it tries to lock again. If I hold the unlock button from the inside, it will unlock but doesn't respond to the remote unlock or front unlock controls. The door won't open...
I was sitting at Kroger pharmacy in the drive through and all of a sudden the engine starts intermittent whining and smoke filled the cabin and it was coming out of the hood. I stopped the engine and restarted and I ...
The sound is similar to the warning sound to let you know that pads are getting thin. Pads were installed in a shop. Does sound indicate mis-application, bad rotors, or is this just the ceramic pads?
The whining noise has been around for a while. We had the A/C compressor and condenser replaced recently. The car isn't overheating, but white smoke comes out of the engine compartment and there's a bad smell - kinda ...
It won't even unlock manually. When you try it feels like something is broken.
This started out random and now it is almost everytime I try an use it. The door opens fine, and the latch is fine, if it closes.
The fuel pump turns until it builds full pressure and shuts off when you turn the ignition key to on. That can be heard. Usually on other makes there is an inline filter but I can not find one on this Odyssey. The car...
If I use bosh spark plugs will I get less miles because I am only getting about 17 to 18 miles now
hairline crack in oil pan,