if bumper was hit on left most corner would it damage bumper shocks or does an impact have to happen at rear only?

Check engine light is also on. I have only had this vehicle for 3 weeks but the place I bought it isn't exactly helpful we will just say that. It only happened when I stopped and then 2 days later it started happening even while I am driving

I try to open the slide doors with the key remote or even the back hatch. And it don't do anything.... is there a fuse ???.

no power to rear sliding doors. at the same time it seems that power sunroof goes almost all the way shut but will not take the last step and seal to the roof.

This warranty would be 3 years and cover drive train and electric. It is prorated so I can cancel and doesn't deduct repair costs from the cost of the warranty should I decide to cancel even after repairs occur.

Timing belt

Lately i have been feeling/hearing this very faint scratchy feeling on the gas pedal when i start moving from a dead stop. It only happens if the car was off and I start it and drive it. It doesn't happen during normal driving. For example: I wake up to go to work I start the car, 5-10 meters away in a 10mph speed and i feel like a slight scratchy feeling at my foot for like a second. But if i stop at a stop light or anything and i pull off i dont feel it anymore. Just after I start from a dead stop, every time I start the vehicle with a key, that's when it occurs. Weird. Any ideas?

The noise (whining) comes when I turn wheels at low speed. Seems to be worse after I drive car.

is idling high in drive and when u stop it goes regular but gage goes up and down.