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Yesterday a loose cat lower heat shield was ripped from my van while driving taking the downstream o2 sensor wiring with it. Immediately the Check Engine, Supplemental Restraint System, Traction Control and door ajar...
Went to the store, 15 minutes later , came out tried to start vehicle, absolutely NOTHING. It is very cold, the Battetry is new and has a lot of power. Lights work, radio, fan etc. now I cant open hood. Pull lever and...
When putting my car in drive, all of the lights work except for the drive light.
there is a part inside blower that blocks air flow its shuts down blocking hot air from going to vents i pushed it back but everytime i shut or put on heat it goes back to blocking air flow
Drive light , tcs abs engine light are on . Battery is being drained and is brand new along with new altenator. Lights are dim van won't start unless jumped but very weak
I need help finding the glass relay on my Honda odyssey I looked for it but couldn't find it can I get some help
Once the driver side door is unlocked, the key fob works on all the other locks (that's how I know there is nothing wrong with that). I also can manually use the door lock on door for other doors BUT I have to manuall...
It won't budge, not even manually, when I try to open it I hear the 3 beeps, but nothing? HELP PLEASE
drive or into reverse. The van has approx. 188,000 miles. Could this be the fuel pump ?