Disconected the speaker used the key in the door and now it wont start ... help me please

front motor mount bad

i have been told the housing, also the gasket

Headlights wont turn on but blinkers, brake lights and hazards work

Drove to store one day came out and van wouldn't turn over or start lights all came on andown you can hear fuel pump in rear. But my TCS,ABS &oil light and battery light remain on and check engine light flashes a few times then stops it was running fine before going into store trying to narrow down the problem

Replaced 3 dizzy assembly about every 6 to 12months. Why keep doing it? Any recall? Any check needs to be done?

do i have to replace part?

please let me know the problem thx

Problem was intermittent, sometimes first thing in the morning, no fan or defroster, I could thump the dash directly below the clock and the fan would begin operating and display would return. Became more and more difficult to get it to operate until it will not at all.

2001 3.5L honda odyssey only coil on cylinders 4 and 6 are working i check the resistance on fuel had average 11.7 but cylinders 1,2,3 & 4 are not responding when I pulled out the wires to check the coils also switch the coil to other cylinders and coils are fine possibly can be a broken wire?

When I try to take off the car stalles then it's jerks The TC light comes on and D4 gears starts blinking the I have to pull over and turn the car off and restart it..sometimes when the car runs along time then ita not jerk as bad..

How can I fix it this is my driver side manual sliding door