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When I try to take off the car stalles then it's jerks The TC light comes on and D4 gears starts blinking the I have to pull over and turn the car off and restart it..sometimes when the car runs along time then ita no...
How can I fix it this is my driver side manual sliding door
my check engine light came on and I experienced the blinking of the lights, gears getting stuck while am driving, as well as it just locking up in the gear. I was told I need a new transmission and I purchased a md to...
or should I say how do I dismantle the dash to get at the check engine light.. Is there a lot of screws or can I just take the two screws in front of dash which shows the odometer reading and all other lights on the d...
unfortunately he said if no check engine light will come on the counsel it will be an automatic fail. How can I get it to come back on.. or why did it turn off?
sometimes when the doors do shut, they don't completely shut and the beeper comes on.
When driving in the mountains the engine light and TCS light came on as engine started to starve. Ran good otherwise. Replaced air filter and still surges at 5000 rpm when running it in neutral. The diagnostic code s...
I wash the motor when this problem started, it will star but ones you star runing it it will slow down and stop
Radio stopped working, found the fuse box not holding fuse tightly, corrected that issue, radio was working again until the brakes were applied blowing the fuse? Any help would be appreciated
in park there isn't a buzzing noise only in drive
wwwwwwwhen I put it in drive there is a buzzing noise