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changed timing belt,water pump,drive belts,egr valve,spark plugs,coils,car drove great took it to new york & back. filled up with 93,two days later no start. checked everything I did,all good. took off fuel injectors ...
alternator tested bad, how do I replace it.
Our minivan has almost 200,000 miles on it and has never had shocks or struts replaced. The ride is somewhat rough and we hear rattling noises when we go over bumps. Is the rattling from the old shocks/struts or is it...
Both front strut assemblies and both rear shocks have been replaced. In addition, both sway bar links and control arm bushings have been replaced too.
How much does it cost me (labor+parts) to replace a new alternator for Odyssey 2000.
The oil light comes on and off. I checke the oil level and it is fine. On my last test drive around town, it came on twice. Once going around a curve and the second time as I accerated from a light.
What is P1676 Traction Control System FI Data Line No Signal and how do fix it?
What name brand, where can I buy, and is it worth doing yourself to replace rotors and pads?
my check engine light is on and it has the p0401 code my car is out of warranty and the fix is to install the egr pipe kit and clean the egr port I will like to know how much should this cost to do as an out of warran...
Steering wobbles mostly when I appy brakes. Some times it doesn't but 90% of time it wobbles. I changed my break pads and Rotors a year before. Do you think I need to change them again.
I have 2000 Honda Odyssey LX. The check engine light came on several months ago. I followed what the handbook said "after 2 or 3 gas tank fills it will go off" and it did - for a while. Then it would go out and come o...
the web states problems with 99-07 odyssey transmissions I am trying to decide on replacing with used or rebuilding the one I have (2nd one).Not sure used will be any better than mine ,Do other honda transmission fit...
I was told my front motor mount needs replacement. Can I do this my self and if not what is the typical cost to replace this part?
Where is the evaporative emissions control valve located?
What should be done at an Odyssey's 150k checkup and how much should I expect to spend?