i had the battery disconnected to take off the sensor. Once i replaced the sensor i tried to crank the engine and it would not start.

when I start the engine the P (park) and D4 (drive) lights are both illuminated.

I have honda odyssey 2000 model auto matic transmission . Problem with jerking while changing 2nd gear. When i start and drive while changing the gear no.2 jerking issue comes. I don't understand what is the real problem.

when in park and when driving the engine makes a loud knocking sound and also vibrates . front motor mounts have been replaced and also had new fuel injectors . also check engine light comes on and TCC light after a few minutes of starting the car

When you turn the key's everything work but when you try to start the engine turn but it doesn't try to start.

van has 140,000 miles trany slips when warm does not slip when cold

Press gas all the way to the floor but very slow to accelerate past 20 mph but past that pick up speed. Check engine light is on. Also when accelerating it feels like there is no gas going to engine and the engine is not running at a high RPM

I have read that the seal stripping needs replaced on the Honda Odyssey which will fix the too much suction issue that leads to them sealing too much and refusing to open. Rather than pay to replace these, is there a way to compromise the existing seals?

Every time I go to a certain gas station....always the one attendant.....my check engine light comes on after getting gas .......mechanics checked code cleared it like the third time this has happened.. today went back for check engine light to get cleared..now mechanic say code for catalytic convertor shows up.....114K ???? They didn't tell me the code #

Thanks for any help