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After sitting overnight in cold weather, the brake pedal feels hard. I have to pump it hard several times before there is give in the pedal. It only seems to do this in very cold weather after sitting for long periods...
left the car on start mode but not idling maybe 5 mins 10 mins tops and i had to get a jump
Checked freon level it is good but will not cool. When the conditioner is on it makes a clicking noise.
I have a 2009 Honda Fit Sport. I never had any problems since I've owned the car for a little over two years. I only drive it back and forth to work and have about 12K miles on it in two years. I went on vacation and...
Does the 2009 fit have a timing belt, or a chain
theres a dent in my car bumper aabout the size of a apple how much would it cost to repair
I would like a cruise control installed on my 2009 Honda Fit. I live in Las Vegas, NV. Would it be alright to have someone else besides the dealer install for less money? Do you recommend anyone?
I would like to have installed on my Honda a cruise control. Do I have to have thte dealer do it or can I find someone else to do it at a lower cost? I live in Las Vegas, NV.
How I can reset the oil gage in 2009 honda fit I put a new oil a new filter and the gage show me 10% only.
How can it cost to change the color from black to sliver or Ivory. Please help