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2008 honda fit. I was driving and while getting on the highway the car does whaaaaaaaa..revs high ... No response from transmission. I pull over and put it in sport mode ... Shifts perfectly until going into 4... The ...
I was driving today. As I approached highway, car was going into 4th gear and and it just revs like someone put it in neutral. I can manually shift it to 5th in sport and all other gears are perfect...
When I put the key into the driver's side door, it doesn't unlock. It can't be moved to the right or left. Dealer told me that I would have to replace the whole part inside for $200+
switch, for which there was a recall. The previous owner did have it addressed, but I notice there was a second recall (13V260000). Should I be able to get the problem corrected again under this recall?
My 2008 Honda fit started to shift between the load here rough three-year four days ago and then today the light came on. What could it be?
Our car is having the problem from recall 11V101000 recall number is R66. Do we have any recourse from Honda? Is there anything we can do to avoid paying for this almost $2000 repair?
Could the problem be with the remote or with the lock itself. The first time the key would not work but it did the second time.
I went to two different gas stations, and now when I put my foot on the gas, the engine jerks.
i had installed two new tires last week. today that symbol (TPMS) came out. what does it means?
I would like to know where the cabin air filter is located and how to get to it