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I have a 2003 honda element.vin number is 5j6yh18573l016145.I need the code to unlock my radio cause it keeps saying error
car bogs down when accelerating as if it isnt getting enough gas,check engine lite flashes during acceleration
Alright...so I have had the transmission fluid replaced a few times now and the shuddering is still happening. Same symptoms: car shudders at around 25-40mph, low rpms. Strangely enough, this is now happening with m...
So anyway... i have a Honda element 03, w/ 147000 mil starting burning oil after the 110000 service ( which I did a bit after that at 140000) immediately after the service I started smelling oil through the v...
When I stop at a light it feels like the car is riveting as if in a race but with my foot on the brake. Someone told me it was a hose that got clogged because it had not been driven for several years.
The lights and radio come on. When I turn the key it sounds like it wants to start but it doesn't "catch" and start the motor. I've never replaced the starter, does this sound like a starter problem?
good signal from under dash fuse box and at c105 connector
Turned key left to lock it will not turn back and won't come out.its my only key HELP
i've never had issues.. 1st time. can this be as simple as a fuse? or a motor part? and would it be a simple fix?
My 2005 Honda Element won't start; replaced starter and fuel pump. Everything works. When trying to start it will turn strong but won't start. I replaced the starter because it had locked up. It started and ran ...
Sound like loose exhaust pipe. Could this be a strut problem. No noise on HYW
Problems: 1) Can't shift out of park (shift lock solenoid) - Honda Service and an independent mechanic indicated the PCM needs to be replaced 2) Transmission seems to "drop" into low gear when decelerating - near st...
The compressor just quite on me, I think it is bad; however I wanted to check the fuse first. I cannot find the dagone fuse anywhere. I found both A/C relays, but no fuses.