my grandson flushed out radiator and used dex coolant

My radio and CD stopped working. I got a message saying I must enter a "Code". I have no idea what Code to enter. I have never experienced this problem before.

occurring for last 2-3 weeks
has become increasingly loud
sound like a clicking, vibration noise

I move the seat and the srs comes on the technician said no issues but voltage variations caused the srs system to code. New battery in and the same thing is going on HELP ME.

steering wheel is making a creaking sound

Even if the car is given a shot of gas when in drive on a slope if the brake is not on the car will roll back as though it was in neutral. Is this normal ?

The car has 105 miles, no performance issues, small leak?
Do you recommend a power steering sealant fluid as an alternative in the interim?

How often should all fluids be changed ?

had a 2001 accord every thing worked for 12 years.Bought a 2011 crv with 98000kms on it.Lost battery.power steering pump, tensioner and aircondition clutch set,compressorand coil set field cost about 1500 dollars to repair HONDA REFUSED TO HELP IN ANY WAY So NO MORE HONDA for me and family and friends boooooo HONDA

nothing but trouble since was bought

a humming noise from the front right side of the car, rotated the tires - no change.

The metal on metal clang doesn't happen every shift from park to reverse.