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The car has 46,600 miles on it. The battery keeps dieing on us. Right now we live in Boston, and We keep getting snow storm after snow storm. The car died 5-6 times on us already. We got it at Honda, and it ran great,...
Replacement part is $400 plus labor. Before I invest in a fix,has anyone experienced this? Any recourse with mfg.?
honda crv 2010 check engine light keeps coming back on. Have replaced the catalytic converter. My mechanic cannot seem to find the reason. Have gone through all of the obvious...gas cap, bad gas, censors on converter.
When i bought a car dealer lost key, so I made another one. It worked grate, after i had some problems and couldn't drive, accumulator was down and i charged it. Now when i start the car it starts but after 1-2 secon...
2 Dealerships can't figure out the problem. What is causing thiis?
When you are at stop light/sign the car noticably virbrates and rattles on the left side when teh AC is on
when button is pushed to open window window opens all the way then returns to closed then opens again
The dealer now tells me this is why my battery also needs replacing. He said my starter is shot. I bought the car new 30 months ago. Anyone else have this problem?
Not sure how to describe sound, maybe like the interior fan running on high; someone told me it sound like the front wheel bearing. Does this sound right and how much should something like this cost me. The sound s...
Recall R87 for Honda CR-V 2010 is missing from your recall info. This involves a software update requirement.
have others complained about front end noise related to four wheel drive? it is getting worse and rattles a lot.
Backed into a car on street and back bumper is out of line
Oct/2010 I purchased a new CRV and I've had 5 episodes of having a Dead Battery. Honda Dealer tested the battey and finds it sound. Dealer said, maybe the trunk cargo area's light was left on if latch not closed tigh...