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My car is giving a problem to start especially when its driven, but all injectors, glow plugs was tested and engine and electrical diagnosis was done and all seems good.
Machine Front Rlotors, Replace Brake Pads. Cost of Parts and Labor for 2007 Honda CR-V, 2WD LX Moddel
We have replaced everything for my ac. We wired it across it kickes on we havc cool air. When we un-hook the wire the compresser stops
We have one estimate and a warranty to help with cost.We got when we purchased the car last March.The diagnostic codesareZL0110 and ZP-12182.
8419 power steering hose R&R pressure. We have one estimate and our cat does have a warranty to help with cost from our purchase of the crv last March.
Can't figure out why brakes are locking up after replacing front brake pads and master cylinder.
Replacing a/c compressor
The noise seems to be faint while the car is just sitting and running.
Hi. I actually live in Nicaragua. I am looking for the part number for the timing belt for a 2007 Honda CR-v. It's a gas engine, AWD, automatic (not sure if that changes anything at all). My mechanic can't order t...
so when the hazard lights are on, the left top white blinks and the bottom right white blinks. When the brakes are put on the left bottom red works, the top right red sometimes works. anyone else experiencing this i...
Had a blown head gasket, replaced that, has new stat installed, return he's from heater core stays cold, bled system many times. I have run water though the heater core at the hoses and it has flow,but return hose sta...
Another shop says that front axle should be replaced not just boots.
My back passenger door will no longer lock on its own without manual force or being taped shut (and even then, it prys back to "unlock.") So now, when I drive, because the car senses that not all of the doors are loc...