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Neither my husband nor myself can travel in the car for any length of time. It hurts! Any ideas for fixing this?

We replace the fuses and it works for a while, but then they stop working again.

The passenger side lock re-locks within 5 seconds of unlocking.

My car us starting to spit and sputter and Die after turn it off and try to start it again

My A/C stopped blowing cold air this week. It did this when I first bought the car and Honda fixed it, but now it's out of warranty. I'd like to check and see whether it's a mechanical issue or if I just need more freon, but I can't find anything on the internet on how I would do that. Where is the A/C unit located in the car, and how do I know if it's out of freon?

I will also need to have the following remove and replace Condenser, Evaporator expansion valve, Receiver drier, flush, seal and recharge the system. I want to know cost of entire repair.

This vibration only occurs under load and feels like it is coming from the transmission. When vibration starts and I turn off the overdrive the vibration goes away.

Had battery checked by technician and was told it was fine. The AC will cool only at the beginning when turning on but turns to warm air after that.

or they would not warranty the condenser. Is this common? Is a 2007 Honda CRV

If I accelerate a little or let off the gas it will stop

My car is giving a problem to start especially when its driven, but all injectors, glow plugs was tested and engine and electrical diagnosis was done and all seems good.

Machine Front Rlotors, Replace Brake Pads. Cost of Parts and Labor for 2007 Honda CR-V, 2WD LX Moddel