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All of my cardoors lock/unlock with the driver's side master button except the front passenger door. Anything I might be able to look at before bringing it in and possibly being told it's something very expensive? T...
I do not have a fluid leak just air from around the bottom of master cylinder mounting flange. Is there a gasket between the booster and master cylinder that has failed and needs to be replaced??
My trunk indicator light will flicker on and off when I'm driving but my trunk is closed. Also my dashboard lights have started to fade in areas and on the driver side door the switch to lock the doors will only unloc...
Hi! My CRV has 150,000 miles. I was just told by my mechanic that it needs new front and rear brakes as well as a new head gasket.... Should I repair or start shopping for a new vehicle?
2005 Honda CRV ...significant highway miles including some in high humidity area (Houson)
After body work done, I noticed "engine malfunction" light came on. Body shop employee had driven it approx. 50 miles round-trip with light on (or intermittently flashing) but did not inform me of it - I had to inquir...
Problem occures when driven a few hundred yards and remains until car is switched off and then restarted. VSA lighr goes off then but engine light remains on.
I wonder how much Honda and/or its dealers are profiting from their own bad engineering. I just spent $3300 to fix this, $936 was for labor.
When this happens, seems as though car is going to stall out. Happens randomly. Occurred more often during the winter months and as the engine warmed up.
Is it recommended to fix both rear wheel bearings? I have about 75,700 miles on the car.
All the other doors unlock normally. Is there a manual way to open.
at 30k started to shake when braking, took it to dealer and they machined rotors worked fine for 15k then I had the rotors replaced around 55k miles. car now has 70k and is doing the shaking again,(for 4k miles now)
at what point to bushings need to be replaced. They are starting to show little crack lines
I hear a dull clunking noise in the rear passager side when making a slow stop ( although not every time ). I seem to notice it more after making a left turn, although that could be because I notice it most when pulli...