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New Year's day my car wouldn't start. First time. The lights and stuff come on but the engine won't turn over. Tow driver (a mechanic) says the starter is not connecting to the bender.
Where are the lube points on a 2003 Honda CRV? Are there any? Thanks Steve
My car makes grinding noises when I accelerate from a stop or speed up suddenly to change lanes. If I start very very gently it doesn't do it. I've been told "it's the differential" but I don't know what that means....
Drive car in morning fine,drive car for 15 to 20 mins then come to a stop then take off no gears put it in neutral count 1,2,3,4,5 then put back in gear then goes, does this every 15 to 20 mins was told it was a senso...
i had brakes and rotors replaced in june now i am hearing a grinding noise when i brake i took it back to the shop and was told brakes are fine i was told that it might be the wheel bearings making the noise
The front (primary) oxygen sensor needs replacing. How much should this cost?
ac doesn't blow hot nor cold. Blower motor just wont run. Motor is new. Fuses are good. There is power to the motor but I don't know how much it should have to run.
what type of glue/epoxy/adhesive can be used to put this light back in place. I've tried 5-minute epoxy and it only lasted a few hours.
I just had my air compressor replaced because it cracked. I want to understand why so it doesn't happen again. I've heard two theories about the cause: (1) The car hit too many potholes. (2) The fan was turned off whi...
I hear the rattling noise when I start to accelerate, and continues to make the noise even at high speeds. This problem just started yesterday. It sounds like something is bouncing around in there, but can't find th...
The drive light in my 03 honda cr-v is flashing when I drive what might this mean?
My mechanic thinks I may need an engine coil repair, i was just wondering about how much this should cost
I found this to be flashing today, while the car was in park. The manuel appears to indicate it may be a transmission problem. I have 101,ooo miles on my car. Is this expected for wear and tear? What is the usual cost...
How to replace a rear main oil seal ?
does the pulley bolt have right handed or left handed threads