ac system is functioning but only when you "jump wire" it does not blow cold when using only the switch.

I think it my be the A/C relay switch, because they are known for getting stuck in the on position. My A/C light has always come on (in winter) when I'm not using it. It sound like it may be relay switch(?)

After a half hour of driving with the ac turned on in hot sun specially in a red light or traffic jam, the ac would not cool and motor overheats. I then turn off the ac and the temperature would go back to normal. What could be the cause of this issue?

check engine light was going on an off for about a week, crv was running fine. thought we got bad gas, hesitated to start twice, now wont start at all. what could that be?

ball joint replacement

Recently the timing belt broke. Startup is normal and drivability hasn't changed.

any reasons why they are not working now?

I haven't had an accident, ever. Will the honda co just hope nothing will ever happen and it will escape responsibility for all these recall problems?

Had all AC System replaced and by that i mean sensors, pump,condenser, etc.
And yet, AC wont work properly. It only works if temp outside is not hot or when i drive it on the freeway. If i hit the streets with a temp of 80+outside, the ac will startblowing warm air and after a while cars temp will also go up. I need help. Im.stuck with this car..sadly we just bought it last year.