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recently had idle sensor replaced, but did not help. I know it is time for 150K service, but check engine light came on as well. not overheating and runs fine except when I stop. Almost dies each time
The rear tires are tattering on the inside, causing big knots or bulges on the tires
I was told that the waterpump needs to be replaced plus all belts when timingbelt is replaced, when calling for price quote. I have had other cars with timing belts replaced and didn't replace waterpump and had no pro...
how do you replace the cabin air filter on a 2001 honda crv? thanks
My car start and park about 5 min. and the Check eng light on , Check it and find a code P1399 ,after run about 10 min. Turn off the car and turn on again the light come off ? what wrong in my car?
check engine light comes on,will run a little rough,code says misfire,changed plug wires and spark plugs,no change,
I am having problems removing the inoperable power transistor on my 2001 Honda CR-V. I don't know if I have to remove the lower part of the blower unit in order to release the power transistor. The power transistor b...
above 1000rpm engine seems ok, Doesn,t change after warmed up. Whenever I stop at light, starts to run rough again. When engine is warm, stop then start again takes a few extra turns. sounds like some kind of electr...
Hello, The heater control fan dial works only at the highest fan speed. It occurs all the time. When I try intermediate speeds very little hot air comes comes from the vents. I would appreciate an answer since it's...
problem just started....passenger side works fine. Driver side will not move. Thought it was frozen but have shipped away the ice and set the defrosters on for a while to thaw
My brake light comes on when the temperature is low. Could this be the fluid or the cylinder?
a/c makes bad nosie when turned on
driver door lock mechanism,will not unlock with key and buzzes real loud when you lock it with the key or with the door button. thanks,jfamos13@bellsouth.net
no problem yet, but don't want to risk damage to engine...67000miles now.