Had 4-wheel alignment and tire rotation. Car started making a humming noise afterwards.

I ran a scan with obd11 scan tool .Ive got flashing red IM codes and a p0001 code I'm stumped

How much would a remote-start addition cost for this model and where would I go to get it done?

When the temperature drops I can be fairly certain that my check engine light will come on and remain on all winter only to go off again in the spring. I have had it checked by mechanics in the past but it still happens every year

The disgital clock has not been working for months. Probably just the fuse but I have no idea where that is located or how to change it or what part to buy.

left key on all night,it was dead next morning,bought new battery and now it just clicks at computer area,won't crank.starter relay or starter?.

Driving home and the truck just shuts off. Did a code reader and to my surprise it read FAIL. I have never seen a fail. Will turn over,and has spark?

just started-cant turn them off had to disconnect battery

Sparkplug wirers

Ok so I have had this problem for months. First, my check engine came on and the reader told me it was the TPS sensor so I replaced it, check engine still said TPS was failing. Then a month later my car started to idle erratically, my car shifts 1 st gear at about 3 to 4 rpm and when I change from park to drive my car shakes. Next I placed a fuel system cleaner in my gas tank and like magic the problem went away, it was shifting when it's supposed too didn't shake when I changed a gear but then exactly a month later the problem returned and my car does the same things again. It's as if something gets cleaned then later it gets dirty. What could it be? Please help....

It did sit unused for a month ortwo

the noise seems to be coming from the engine and it only does it when it is cold outside in the summer time i don't hear it and the passenger door on the right is stuck in the lock position

What should I be looking for-- fluid just changed and up to full