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I own a Nissan Sentra 2001 and Honda CRV 1999. Both have been stalling due to CKP sensors and I have replaced them before I came across your informative articals.
1999 honda crv 2.0L auto with 284k miles. Problem began with high idle all of a sudden while driving and stalling at stops. Thought it was idle air control valve but only code to show was etc...turned idle down...made...
this harness carries power windows, locks, interior lights and more- wires pulled out shutting down power lock, each wire is minute[small packed with grease and next to impossible to repair] Any one knows the correct...
currently having timing belt replaced and valve repaired that was only functioning at 50%
Also it shuts off while driving and is hard to start. I think the problem has something to do with electrical or a switch. Please help. Thank you
When I turn off my indicator, it fails to come off sometimes and I hear a click sound as though it came off but it is still flashing. Sometimes I hear the same click sound when driving. What could be the problem?
Tried everyuthing..could not figure out why the back seat door cannot open from inside. Right door ok. 4 people in car in rain foggy windows. Go and come back 2 hours later car still fogged up. Takes long time to c...
Need capacity in liters and gallons of my 1999 Honda CRV and is the dash indicator in miles of kms. Cannot get back seat door open from inside on left.
I replaced the thermostat thinking it was froze open no help. it takes driveing the car all day in town or about 35 to 40 miles on the highway. if i keep the rpms at about 2500 when im at a stop it stays cool.
I just had my oil changed and a 12 point inspection done on my car 3 days ago. Tonight on the way home I noticed the oil light in my car would flash on and off red when braking and idleing. What's going on? Should ...
It looks like you jumper the two wire plug located on the right side of the console.can you also tell me what the codes are?