A rusted area 2-3 in. was detected toward the front of my car. I wast told the complete line would need replaced - is this true? Thanks.

I've had my car ten years, and have no idea about her previous history. I'm concerned about the airbags. Do they expire? Should they have been checked or replaced at all?

Another car ran into me at a stop light. My bumper is scraped up. How do I know if the damage is just cosmetic or could there be a more serious hidden problem?

Happens sporadically. Notice it as I'm driving. I immediately check the hand brake and it's not engaged.

The rear tyres wear on the inner sides like a bad alignment

Model: Honda CRV NSB087GL005

Happened after car was parked for about 3 hours on a slight incline.I had used this gear on the start of my journey.

Small sparks come from the distributor on my CRV. It won't start in the morning when it's really wet out side. I see that I can buy a distributor cap for it but I'm not sure if that would solve my problem or would I have to replace the whole distributor?

Check engine light misfire in cylinder 3 and random misfire, Had ohms test, spark plugs, wire tested and Compression test. Number 2 comes back dead. Also checked fuel injectors. Had head fixed once before a few years ago. Had 2 misfires then.

Would like to see pictures or video to see how to remove cowl and reseal it.

Never had a problem before. Oil was changed a month ago, doesn't overheat or anything, just stops. The power steering goes out, but the radio and lights still work. I've had it looked at twice but it happens so sporadically that they haven't been able to diagnose it. HELP! I'm starting to become terrified of driving this car in case I cause an accident for it shutting off in heavy traffic. Thank you!