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It overheats when I drive more than 50kms. There is no water leaking into the engine oil. It has had a new radiator and water pump fitted recently
after some time, the fan comes back on if switch is turned off then turned back on
Mechanic says it has to be factory distributor. All timing is new.
win it shifts from 2 to 3rd it is like it is in neautral but only win it is wormed up win it is cold it shifts fine. no check engine light
Then to position three to start the car,it huffs and puffs and is hard to start and smell gas. replaced battery, spark plugs, plug wires,destributor pack. Engine light comes on and stays on.I took it to my macanic an...
He said there was oil leaking into it. but Repair Pal doesn't even show that on their Estimator list. There was an ignition switch recall years ago so he didn't think that was prob. Any idea of what it should cost par...
Normally smooth running and no start up problems. But very terrifying to lose all power, though lights/hazards weren't affected
i run a scan on my transmission and it shows that there is a problem with (1)"P1758 TCC solenoid valve b" and (2)the A/T range switch gear position short" where can i find these two components?
Nothing added to vehicle that takes power.. Could ignition switch be the problem or what else could it be ?
I was hoping it might be just a fuse, but am afraid it is a problem with the control stalk. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. We just bought this from the original owner.
I had a hard start,checked the fuel pump was ok.Takes long to start but so slow to pick up high rpm.Still having same problems.Not sure if there could be some other problems.
Check Engine Light on. Checked code... it's p0420 - Catalytic converter. Replaced PCV valve and light is still on. Mechanic checked engine, spark plugs, and oxygen sensors. Believes that converter is simply failed bec...
After opening and entering the vehicle the clicking of the auto locking system continues clicking even while driving.