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He has done a full tune up including cap, rotor, new npk spark plugs and wires. He just had a new catalytic converter put on today and he is still failing. What else does he need to do?
I checked the fuse for the interior light and that was not the issue. I cannot find where the fuse would be for the heated seats however. I own a 95 Honda Civic Del Sol Simodel with Motegi Leather interior. Any help w...
The new txmission will shift manually into each of the 4 forward gears and reverse, but it won't upshift from 1-4 by itself. Txmission was tested before it was sent to me and provider says it is not the problem. Any ...
replace rear window cost ???, time?? what is required - removal of both seats???
When in stop and go traffic the temperature runs hot after which I have to add coolant. Suggestions?
spark plugs,spark plug wires,battery ,distributor cap, ignition rotor. what is the next step
car has been sitting off & on for years - is it wheel bearings or something else possibly?
Car runs great but makes a LOT of noise in the front end when you get above 60mph. Very little vibration. Just noise. Already had right half shaft replaced. And I have that clicking noise when I'm turning slow and ti...
When do I replace the water pump? What other recomended maintenance should I do?
just want to know if i have to drill the 2 bolts off and do i have to disconnect air bags to just remove key lock tumbler? not the electrical switch. thank you.
While driving, especially at 20 or more mph, I hear a kind of whirring road sound/noise. I've read where this could be front bearings or tires. I have had a pre-purchase inspection and work done on this car (timing be...
I have had intermittent issues with my 95 Honda Del Sol not having power to the windows, no turn signals, not able to shift from P to R and no dashboard guages work (battery light and SRS come on briefly and go off). ...
will not shift into third or fourth gear
SIR light popped on one day and won't go out.