Buick LaCrosse Problem Report

Buick LaCrosse High Pressure Power Steering Hose Can Leak Fluid

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The high pressure power steering hose will commonly leak fluid; it should be replaced.

power steering leak high pressure hose at pump, New hose leaks needs another part or new pump. -
High pressure line failed at line to fitting connection. New line from dealer installed $550.00. -
Leak in steering system. Hose has hole being replaced 270 dollars -
Fluid leaks 1qt 50 miles $800.00 to replace pump, still leaks. -
leaking power steering fluid -
My son and I replaced the pump and we still had a leak. Took it to the dealer, mistake, and they said it was the rack. Got it home and 2 days later had a huge puddle on the floor. Took it back and they said it was the high pressure hose. -
It is leaking, will order parts and fix it myself -
The car makes a whining noise and dark fluid dripped under car. The dealer says the leak is coming from the steering pump and steering gear (rack & pinon) and both need to be replaced: steering pump & plastic reservoir ($576), steering pump only ($376), but reservoir often breaks during repair, steering gear with alignment ($924), plus $52 to diagnosis ($1550 total). price includes tax & mr goodwrench multi-point vehicle inspection. -
The hi-pressure PS hose was replaced @ 87000 miles due to seepage- not really a leak. Two qts of PS fluid was added. About 600-700 highway miles later, while maneuvering into a parking area the PS completely failed. I checked fluid level-which was OK. Left it overnite and in the morn checked for leaks under the car and fluid level in the pump- all OK. Started car and drove off as tho nothing was wrong- PS was working fine and still is @ 6000 miles later. Have checked w/ 2 Buick dealers and several auto repair shops- all totally baffled. This is a real mystery. -
Same thing.. It has a protective hose on it that cause water to collect and rust out the line -
The high pressure power steering hose leak fluid. We rreplacing the hose. -
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