Lexus SC300 Problem Report

Lexus SC300 Heating and AC Control May Fail Intermintently

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There are reports of intermittent failures with the heating and air conditioning control. The digital display might fail or the control might fail to switch between heater functions.

Same issue, my display is blank for both heat and a/c and nothing is responding. I replaced the display and it is still the same problem. I finally decided to go to the local Lexus dealership and ask. I didn't much help but he recommended looking at the fan relay. I will update progress. -
When I turn on my A/C the light just flashes and blows warm (whatever temp it is outside, I live in Arizona so usually hot) air. My A/C was working fine as I was cruising down the highway and it suddenly gave out and started blinking and blowing "non A/C" air. Although I have to admit, it started a few hours after using a "tape" in the tape deck to play my iPod. I don't know if it's electrical or what. But I do know that the half the display screen is slightly dimmer. Any help would be much appreciated. -
The air blows no heat or cold air come just outside air all the controls on the pannel work just not hot or cold?? help -
After owning the car for a week the problem started. The heater display goes blank, all functions with the heater/AC will stop. It will then come on again and work perfectly. This seemingly happens at random. Now the same thing is starting to happen with the stereo system. -
I had the same problem there is a fuse under the steering wheel on the left we replaced a fuse (10A red) and the display began to respond again -
can barely see th ac display. bottom half is dark. -
Heater AC Control LCD display faded out. Replaced Control at junk yard w/SC400 control. -
heater display dead no heat or ac -
Same issue -
Ac blower motor want come on compressor works -
I had only a black screen on my ac unit. I contacted (mercuryrunner)at his eBay store and for $40.00 with site instruction on how to install them I fixed my as problem. This is the cheapest way to fix this with out going to a dealership. I hope that this is helpful to anyone with this issue. -
Digital controls for air and heat are not clear. Clouded by dark back round. -
ac compresso.r comes on for a couple seconds then goes off , ac light flashes ,you could turn off then on and it would cool now that does not work gas pressure is good -
can't see how to turn the temp up or down -
Had to turn on heater for a few days. Now, the ac won't get cold. Freon and everything is working perfect. Just heat comes out of the ac instead of cold air. -
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