fuel pump went out. on Jaguar XJ8

Average mileage: 82,940 (35,700–113,000)
Engine affected: 3.6L 6 Cylinder
2 model years affected: 2001, 2003
5 people reported this problem
4 people shared problem details
2003 Jaguar XJ835,700
after driving car all day, parked at restaurant, came out and car would only sputter and die out would'nt start. garage said it was the fuel pump and it was replaced.
2003 Jaguar XJ888,000
One morning the car wouldn't start, it would just turn over. My (master) mechanic found the problem pretty quick...bad fuel pump, easy find. *BUT* since the tank is behind the rear seat it was $500-600 labor to drop the tank and fix. This happened 2012 thereabouts. I should have also replaced the fuel gauge sending unit but I didn't feel like shelling out another $250 for the part. Sigh- now I find the sending unit fails the OBD portion of the smog test and I can't get my Kalifornia tags - even though it passes the emissions portion of the test. The topper is I make too much money to qualify for repair assistance by about 2 dollars. Another sigh.
2003 Jaguar XJ8113,000
stalls when trying to start!
2003 Jaguar XJ8- 3.6L 6 Cylinder88,000
my car would turn over but it would stall out.
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