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Oldsmobile Aurora Fuel Level Sensor Failure

Oldsmobile Aurora Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001

Average Mileage: 99,292 mi (70,000 mi - 129,000 mi)


It is common for the sending unit to read the fuel level incorrectly. This is due to a defective module. Our technicians recommend having the complete fuel pump and sending unit replaced because the module is currently not offered separately from the pump and sending unit.

  • Visitor, , 115,547 mi

    erratic fuel gauge. most says full even when car I near empty.

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  •  Rookie

    My gas gauge has recently stopped showing the correct fuel amount in the tank. I have not fixed it. I have taken this car in for other numerous problems, too many. Mechanic tells me that it could die at any time because of cracked block and other big problems. I haven't even had this for an entire year yet. I have to save more money for a different car. What a waste of hard earned money. I only hope it lasts longer.

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  • Visitor, , 108,000 mi

    purchased vehicle from a neighbor that was unable to keep up with cars needs due to finances...i did however fix alot of little things that i am mechanicly and electricaly inclined but this fuel gauge is just everywhwere and he did mention of 3 times at dealership but to no more than a month the same issue would show up for him...so he that the problem was becoming expensive and dealerships have lost there touch with us consumers..and we have lost faith in there abilities to correct issues no matter the weight of task...

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  • Visitor, , 70,000 mi

    Solution has been to reset gas mileage upon fill-up and focus on gas usage on the on-board computer.

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  • Broken fuel gauge

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  • Visitor, , 129,000 mi

    I had the issue of no turn over when cranking on the first try about every 20 stats if the car was on a hill. One day it just did not turn over for anything when I was going home from work. I had it towed to the dealer and needed a new fuel pump assembly. When I had asked them about the erratic fuel readings before I got an inconclusive answer. It took a new pump to fix this at 112000 miles.

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