GMC Sierra 1500 Problem Report

GMC Sierra 1500 Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation

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It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. Our technicians recommend having the complete fuel pump module replaced on high mileage vehicles.

Truck will be idle, low fuel light comes on. I can start the truck, and will have full tank of gas, will say low fuel -
no matter how much fuel is in the tank the guage always shows empty, getting very frustrated -
The low fuel light and fuel guage both indicate no fuel, yet I may have just filled the tank. The light and guage make alternately go on and off at any time, moving or stopped and with any amount of fuel in the tank. The problem has not been repaired yet. -
As an example, I can go out and start my truck, and the fuel range indicator read "75 mile range" left to travel and the fuel gauge stating I have about an 1/8th of a tank of gas left. Go about two (2) miles down the road to the hardware store, go inside, come out and start the truck and the "low fuel warning" light will be on and the fuel gauge indicator will be buried on E. When this situation happens and I will stop and fill it up only to discover that it will only take between 15 to 21 gallons max. The window sticker and manual for this truck indicates it has a 26 gallon fuel tank. GM said this is normal to have variations in fuel ranges. Probably my last GM vehicle. -
It will not read full when it is full , it has a tendency to go to empty which causes the empty fuel light to come on. I never fixed it. -
I bought the truck new in 2000,This problem with the fuel sensor occur right after I had the throttle body replaced in 2005, the service rep at the GMC dealer told me at that time it would cost in the neighborhood of $500 to repair I,ve always had a whistling sound coming from the gas tank since the truck was new, I have just put up with the imperfection since -
Fuel guage inaccurate. Fuel guage reads empty but tank takes only 14 gallons. -
My gas gauge stopped working and showed below E. Check engine light came on. In wiring harness on left frame rail I snipped the purple wire that goes to the fuel level sensor and measured 5 volts on the gauge side of this wire. I then installed a 100 ohm resister to this wire and grounded the other end of resister to the frame. Got the resister from Radio shack and now my gauge reads 3/4 tank. Engine light went off, will clear codes completely with the On Board Diagnoster and can get truck inspected. This is a quick fix and does not make the gauge work but I have on board computer that tells me how much fuel I have used. Will be pulling the bed off and lifting with an engine hoist when the fuel pump starts acting up. GM dealership sells additive to clean fuel level sensor but Marvel Mystery oil in tank might work as well if you don't want to do the wiring first. Hope this help out. -
fuel gage goes between quartertohalf to3quarters tofull and toempty you never know -
same problem -
Fuel sensor quit working -
Never sure of fuel amount unless just filled tank.With truck leaning forward it shows low fuel light and when the truck nose is higher than your tail is normally it shows more fuel. -
on vacation and filled tank up, then i drova about 150 miles and stopped to use phone, while psrk, i noticed that the low fuel light was on and the gauge was reading empty. as i was freaking out, and wondering if i was going to be stranded, the light went out and the gauge went back to operating. i now have 185,000 miles and it is still acting weird. it seems like it is worse when i fill the tank -
Fill up my tank, drive about 20km home, next day i leave for work and the gauge reads empty? Coming home from work gauge now reads 3/4 of a tank, not impressed! -
Fuel gage gos cracy -
irattic fuel gauge -
I have tried fuel cleaner and it helps by the problem still exist at 79k. -
After the last fill up, the needle stopped working, a couple days later the needle started dropping down from empty, it is now moving counter clockwise from full to empty. At age 76 I just keep on driving it, no repair. About every 300 to 400 hundred I refuel the truck. -
I've had the same problem since 2005. At the time it only had about 47K miles so its not a problem with high mileage. i have about 92kon it now and still as annoying as ever -
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