Lexus RX300 Problem Report

Lexus RX300 Front Suspension Noise Due to Failed Support Bushing

(12 reports)

The front suspension might make noise when going over bumps or rough roads. The support bushing for the suspension commonly needs to be replaced to correct this concern.

Whenever I drive over a bump, railroad track or similar there's a metal to metal sound as if there's no bushings??? I had the strut replaced and it's still there. -
Started as a barely noticeable "clunk" coming from driver's side tire area whenever hitting a bump in the road. It's been a month since I noticed it and it's become a consistent rattle on all but newly paved roads. Easily diagnosed by pushing down on top of strut mount, aforementioned metal to metal "clunk" is produced. -
Suspension noise when going over bumps. Replaced struts but still a problem...appears that bushings need to be replaced. -
Loud clunking noise in front when driving over any bumps or joints in the rd. -
had to get front ball joint and control arm replaced. -
same problem front suspension -
Replaced Lower control arms including the bushings, along with the sway bar bushings. Both were bad. -
most of the front support bushings went bad slamming metal to metal when going over bumps or rr tracks havent fixed it yet -
I have had this noise occur off and on since I bought the car. -
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