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Owners' Reviews

2000 Ford Taurus Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Ford Taurus
7 Reviews
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Overall Score (7 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2000 Ford Taurus Owner Reviews (7 reviews)
  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Paradise, TX, December 01, 2010 21:02
    My 00 Taurus SEL has always run great! Got it in 05 off my Mom who got it brand new off the lot. the only problem she ever had with it was the AC went out once. Replaced it, no problems after that. 2yrs ago had to replace an air sensor, no problems after that. Now the brakelights have gone out and we cant figure out why. This would hve to be the biggest problem we have had to date in 10 years of having this car in the family. Plus my mom drove this car back and forth from Abilene TX to Alberqueque, NM TWICE a week for a year straight. Many many miles. Still the best car i could ever recommend to anyone. I hear of lots of people with problems but really every body drives diffrent so treat your Taurus right and it will treat you right!!!!!
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  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Muncy, PA, November 12, 2010 10:07
    great car and excellent shape after 10 yrs
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  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Waterford, MI, July 18, 2010 18:55
    I bought my 2000 taurus se with the 24 valve v6 dohc engine. nice car. bought it with 195,755 mies. and got to say thing runs like brand new. had to put very little money into it. just minor things, tune up and things like that. i had it for like 4 months. i am now at 209,981 miles and its still running like new. i did notice it is a lil bouncy. back drum breaks seem to work more then what they should. before i bought it ford put new struts n springs all the way around. im thinking on replacing them. i have a new born baby. i think its a lil to bouncy. but over all i would say the car is a 8.5 outta 10.
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  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Stillwater, MN, February 13, 2010 18:42
    2000 FT SE. I bought this car with 249,500 on it for 1000. This has been a somewhat good purchase for the money. However, I wish I would have saved a bit longer to get one with less miles. It also has some hail damage. I checked it over before purchase (especially the tranny) as I've learned the hard way that Ford transmissions can go at any time. I was surprised that a car fax report didn't show a rebuild as the tranny is very solid. I just had both front ball joints replaced, and an issue with the passenger side headlight, $500.00 for that repair. I put Michelin destiny 80,000 mile tires on it, $450.00 for those. I just found out that the oil pan is leaking and needs a new gasket and so do the valve cover gaskets. That will run another $800.00 for that. It also needs inner front tie rod ends, $400.00 for that. All told, I could have bought a much newer taurus for $4000.00 and saved a bunch of time. I'm thinking of trading this in before I get in too deep with repairs. Over all I like the style and power of the taurus, but the taurus costs way to much to maintain. BTW, I have a 1996 FT that has 187,000 on it, and the tranny went on that at 98,000. This will most likely be my last ford purchase.
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  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Phoenix, AZ, April 11, 2009 10:49
    Great Car I have only owned it for six months though it seems to have an ignition switch problem just starting up and and a trans light comes on from time to time I changed the trans fluid but it has not stopped the light
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  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Elkhorn City, KY, February 23, 2009 10:34
    I bought my Taurus with around 70k miles on it and I have loved it apart from a major problem with the Transmission. It seems that these cars were built to go for not much more than 130k miles. Other than the I still own i and love it. I would recommend it to anyone.
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  • 2000 Ford Taurus
    , Cypress, TX, October 19, 2008 14:38
    I've had my Taurus since Sept,2000. I love this car. Have had some suspension problems,and keep having them,but this little six cyl. really has spunk. Off the line she's pretty quick but if you have to "stomp-on-it"she'll do 110mph no problem.
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