Jaguar XK8 Problem Report

Jaguar XK8 Flush Hydraulic Fluid to Fix Problems Opening/Closing Convertible Top

(30 reports)

Problems when opening or closing the convertible top may be fixed by flushing the hydraulic fluid and replacing it with an improved Jaguar fluid.

Convertible top and rear windows will not close -
where do you add the HYD fluid -
The top is really slow, and the back 2 windows remain down -
the convertible top will not go down when switch is pressed. Fluids were changed in May. You can hear it click when the button is pressed to go up, but when pressed, the rear windows do not go down and nothing happens. -
top stop working -
Convertible top is not insink with lach. Top opens and close and lach is still closed or opens too slow to lock down top.. -
slow ope & clsoe -
Noise when opening the top -
top won't go up -
Quarter windows go down but the top doesnt -
Top is real slow, and rear windows won't close! -
convertible top does not close. -
The convertible top doesn't go up and down well? -
Top will not go down, still trouble shooting -
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