Faulty Throttle Position Switch on Kia Optima

Check Engine Light illumination—combined with a lack of power or a stumble on acceleration—may be caused by the throttle position switch (TPS). Kia released an improved part which should correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 118,672 (10,000–227,345)
3 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2014
4 people reported this problem
2 people shared problem details
2001 Kia Optima227,345
problem still going on have not out how to fix it yet
Whether I'm starting from a stopped position, especially pulling into a busy road way, the car will build up to switch gears to accelerate and then power drops off. I have to take my foot off the accelerator and depress it again to get out of the situation. Today, I made a 90 degree right turn, and as I began to accelerate, this happened not once but four times before I got the car to continue moving (happened in a loaner car I have while my car is in the shop). I have had many hear misses pulling into traffic only to have the car choke as it goes to switch into the next gear to pick up speed. It's in the shop now and, surprise, they can't duplicate the problem. They gave me a 2013 optima loaner car, and the same problem is 20 times worse in this car (see 90 degree right turn description above). I can barely move without it happening in this loaner car. What the heck is an owner supposed to do with a car less than a year old when the dealer is telling them they can't duplicate the problem? Are they going to "can't duplicate the problem" long enough to get the car out of warranty so they don't have to pay for a super expensive repair? The problem exists, and if Kia doesn't make an effort to correct it, someone is going to get killed when they pull onto a busy highway, expecting the car to accelerate properly, only to have it choke, and along comes a tractor trailer that cannot stop and boom-they're dead. I hope it isn't me.
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