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Kia Optima Faulty Throttle Position Switch

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Check Engine Light illumination—combined with a lack of power or a stumble on acceleration—may be caused by the throttle position switch (TPS). Kia released an improved part which should correct this concern.

Check engine light came on & car would not go over 15 mph. Shut off & restarted & it was ok. Light came on again. Took to dealership & they replaced the TPS sensor for around $400. 11 months later the same thing happens. Take back to dealership & only under warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles so i was s.o.l. In the process of getting the sensor to replace then this car is going up for sale....has had several recalls & lots of little but expensive things break or go wrong with it since we purchased it. First & last Kia I will ever own! -
check engine light on...started out as a small stumble while the care stumbles and misfires all the time ...replaced plugs and wires, o2 sensors, gas cap, repair shop cleaned the mfa, check engine light will go out for a few days then another stumble and it will come back on on for a few days with the car running fine then goes off its been on for about 3 days and the car just continues to run rougher and one seems to have any idea what to do to fix it -
Car will not accelerate past 1900rpm. Goes about 20mph and 5 mph uphill. it does this intermittently. Not fixed yet -
firstly my check engine light came …few week later, my car started loosing power, would get down from 65 mph slowly decreasing to apprx 20 mph… on freeway, i have to pull over to the side of the shoulder of the road.. turn the car off for a couple of min… they start back up.. car gears up fast almost jets off …then same thing couple exits passed. same thing on the streets. -
Faulty Throttle Position Switch Cost $750.00 to fix at KIA. -
car does not down shift to second gear, i was told it was the output sensor. the price for this part is $110.00 can not afford it at this time. -
Stumbles while idling in gear. Smooths out when I put it in park. -
stubble in aceleration kia opyima 2005 -
It's not happening every time, but when it does the Kia is accelerating with a delay or it seems like it stutters before accelerating. Today for the first time we had the Check Engine Light show up for more than just a few seconds. It was on the whole time we drove it this morning and we scheduled an appointment with the dealership, of course by the time we were going to drive there the light didn't come back on!!! This is the 4th issue with our Kia in less than 14 monthes!!! This will also be our last KIA ever! -
engine had a hesitation when gas peddle was pushed acted like i had water in the gas, check enging lite came on had it checked /was throttle position switch put on new one now after about 20,000miles it is doing same thing ,had it checked and once again it is the throttle position switch. -
Engine elk not go above 2500 rpm, I can shift at that speed with manual transmission, so top speed is 70 mph but getting there is slow. Engine light is on, no diagnosis or repairs yet. -
My kia looses rpm when i drive it then engine light turns on -
Beginning 3-4 years ago, I had trouble 1x/year where the car would not accelerate beyond 20mph. I took it to the repair shop (it had just over 50,000mi, so was no longer under warranty), they cleaned the throttle, said I'd need to take it to the dealer to diagnose exactly what the issue was. For the last couple months, the car has been having the same problem with increasing frequency. I took it to the dealer and they said I need a new throttle body ($440) & gasket ($4) & they could fix the car for $775+tax. A car with well under 100k mi (or under 200k, really!) should NOT be having issues with the throttle. This was my second Kia & is looking to be my last due to a number of small issues & this one big one. Pretty sad because otherwise I'd be a happy owner. -
No power and skipping -
Loss of Power when accelerating......had the plugs changed and still not fixed -
no solution yet just happened -
It seems to be a common failure as I am learning. -
Check engine light came on. My car has slow acceleration and has even shut off when operating. This seems to be a common problem with Kia and they should have to address this and fix this at a reduced cost because it will happen to most of these vehicles. -
No fix. Replaced nearly every year and it is faulty very regularly. -
Same problem. No solution, other than another repair bill. -
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