Kia Sorento Problem Report

Kia Sorento Noise or Vibration When AC Compressor is On

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A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on. Improved parts are available. Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system.

a/c quit working clutch will not engage. -
There is a high pitched noise when I try to use the defroster or air conditioner. :( -
makes a rattling noise and has recently stopped blowing cold air. -
AC started blowing warm air on Thursday. I took it to our Mechanic on Saturday and was told the AC compressor clutch was not working. It will several hundred dollars to fix! -
My A/C Clutch just went out come on 45000 mile are you kidding me! But I did found a Clutch kit on the web for $95 and I can do it my self so that's a plus -
2005 kia sorento squeals when you turn on air -
A/C stopped producing cold air. The clutch is not turning. -
A/c quit blowing cold air. Tried to over heat. Put two different gauges on and maxed them out.... -
There is a high-pitched squealing noise when the AC or defrost is engaged. The problem has not yet been resolved. -
AC compressor quit working. -
engine knocking when a/c on and engine idling. Dealership replaced compressor hub. -
A/C Compressor went out! Had to replace! -
replaced air conditioning clutch 2 years ago and now I am being told the whole air conditioning compressor has to be replaced at a cost of almost $1500. Is this a known problem with kia -
Cluch burnt out. -
A/C blowing warm air. It has squealed when first turned on for a couple years. Just found out the A/C clutch is out... -
Turned on AC heard a terrible noise also when started there is w whining noise. Took to dealership was in formed a barring needs replace nothing said about AC. Waiting on part to come in for the whining mechanics are hoping that will fix the AC. -
Ac stopped blowing cold. Had Kia diagnose. Said leak around clutch assembly in compressor. Recommended replacement. Didn't charge me for the diagnostic after they said they would n have quote for 805 dollars to replace. Part was $490. -
Stopped blowing cold air and started making high pitched screeching/grinding noise. Not yet repaired. -
Just went out like the rest of these people -
A/C compressor lock up, destroying belt. $1,200 estimated repair. -
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