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Nissan Murano Failing Engine Mounts Will Cause Thumping in Floor

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A thumping heard and felt in the floor is often caused by failing engine mounts. A failing mount allows too much movement of the engine, and will require replacement.

Everyone... Go to Dirt cheap prices.... Motor mounts were extremley cheap as well as other parts i had to purchase. Lower right and left arm were damaged as well and they cost about a 3rd less than dealer or autozone.... -
I have a 2007 murano that I have had a problem since it was under 36K. It has a drone in the motor when under a load at approx. 1500rpm and 40mph. You can feel a slight vibration in the drives compartment and in the pedals. I have been to 3 dealerships and it is currently at the forth for repairs. I have been told to replace the tires, exhaust and trans. fluid. nothing has fixed the problem and I have been told the the motor mounts are more than likely the problem but it is a $1500.00 guess. I do not feel that a vehicle of this price (fully loaded) should be having a problem like this with such low mileage. -
I've had the exact same problems as everyone else and I'm sure they are aware of the problem but my question is, why haven't they did a recall on these things? I love my Murano but after this I will never purchase another one new or used. I love Nissians period but next I think I'll try Honda! -
I felt thumping in the floor board also vibration and loss of power I did have the moter mounts fixed and paid $625.00, is this a fair price? -
I noticed that when I would accellerate there was a thump noise in my front end floor board. I thought it was just my amagination since the car is only 2 years of age. I had a bad feeling and took it in to be serviced. To my surprise it was my motor mount. My engine was shifting when the car accellerates. The service person said it was ok to drive it until my appointment on Wednesday. My last 4 cars have been Nissan. I was so disappointed. -
Complined to dealer of clunk or thump heard in front and felt in stearing column on hard acceleration from stop. Dealer advised three motor mounts cracked and need repair. -
While having a rear brake job and inspection at the dealership I was told that the front motor mounts in to be replaced soon. We are having no issues with our Murano at this time. The cost quoted was $479.12. He said it needs to be repaired soon. I was checking to see how to make sure he was being truthful and after reading this web site perhaps he is telling the real deal. -
Same thump when you accelerate and vibration in steering -
Motor mounts replaced under my Nissan Extended Warranty -
When taking from a stop quickly , there was a clunk or dip. Same think happened when turning. Diagnosis: right upper motor mount torn and lower front motor mount torn. Got them replaced for $675 + taxes. -
motor mount needs replaced. Not covered by warranty after 36000 miles. I am mad. -
fluttery sound in engine compartment. All 3 mounts need replaced. $1600 quoted. Have not replaced yet. -
One supporting motor mount falling apart, cost $200 to fix at dealer. -
A knocking noise on the floor changed the struts and that wasn't the problem it's the motor mounts -
I had a "knocking noise' when accelerating. My mechanic is working on it now and says 2 mounts are damaged. They quoted over $700. -
My engine mounts failed 400 miles after my 100,000 mile extended warranty expired. I could feel the engine rock when I accelerated. No thumping though. I had to have them replaced. About 50,000 miles later, I had to have them replaced again. -
Thought I was going crazy. Very nerve-racking to hear that noise when you are on the road. Have an extended warranty, which I will be checking to get this done. Will update this post once issue resolved. Kym T. -
When I accelerate at 35-45 mph my murano has a knocking noise coming front the floor or possibly front end. But after I get past 45mph the sound goes away and car seems to ride ok. What could my problem be. -
Caused my air hose to come off and the car to stop running in the middle of driving. -
Had all four mounts replaced. -
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