Volvo S60 Problem Report

Volvo S60 Exterior Light Bulbs May Burn Out Prematurely

(104 reports)

It is not uncommon for the exterior light bulbs to burn out prematurely. No repair option has been reported other than replacing the failed bulb.

bulbs are always burning up -
Headlights burn out in 6 mopnths... -
same issue here. very frustrating. -
This has been happening for years! -
left handside buld is burnt out -
headlights keep burning out r then l every 6mon. -
Headlights last 6 months at best -
Taillights burn out frequently. This is a major inconvenience since my nearest Volvo retailer is 45 miles away and the bulbs can be pricey. -
Bulbs are going out every 5-6 months. Replacement won't come on now. This is very annoying. -
Sometimes showed position light bulb out. -
This seems to just be a Volvo thing....I have had many and all do this. I have started buying the bulb grease you can get at automotive parts stores and buying one of each type of bulb, which I recommend that any Volvo owner do. It is just one of those things and no one can ever explain it.....feh! -
mostly left side but I've replaced a lot of bulbs! -
Bulbs burnout prematurely -
Stop bulbs burn out often -
Often replacing stop bulbs -
Exterior left side marker light is burnt out. Tried replacing the bulb, no luck. It seems it's a wiring issue. -
3 low beam bulbs have burned out in last two years. Need to be a qualified mechanic to replace them. -
I have had this same problem for years. I have spent over $1200 having the electrical checked and the wiring harnesses replaced and guess what?!? The left low beam is out again. -
All light bulbs burn out too much. -
exactly the same -
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