120,000 Mile Service Cost

120,000 Mile Service Estimate (National Average)

Validated estimate range for national average.

The average cost for a 120,000 Mile Service is between $489 and $691. Labor costs are estimated between $343 and $433 while parts are priced between $146 and $258. Get a personalized estimate based on your location and specific car. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

Parts & Labor Breakdown
Labor: $343 - $433
Parts: $146 - $258
Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Best Practices

Some vehicles may require additional items above and beyond the OEM requirements displayed here. Due to vehicle age, driving conditions, and local circumstances, services recommended by your local repair shop may vary from what is displayed in the RepairPrice Estimator.

This is a national average for all makes and models, but you can make it more accurate by adding your car info and ZIP.
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See full list of repairs
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What to Expect

  • This service generally involves the replacement of fluids like the automatic transmission fluid (and filter,  if equipped), engine coolant, and differential fluid.
  • Some vehicles will require replacement of the timing belt and/or a valve adjustment
  • Some vehicles will require replacement of the spark plugs
  • A more comprehensive checklist of inspections may also be included. Each shop and vehicle manufacturer may vary the actions performed, so be sure to refer the maintenance schedule in your owners manual.
  • If this service is performed at the dealership, they should also take care of any necessary recalls. To check for recalls, click here.

Additional Repairs That May Be Necessary

Service intervals may vary between auto manufacturers. Please consult your owners manual for service information related to your specific vehicle.