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Buick Lucerne Engine Oil Leak From Front Crankshaft Seal

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An engine oil leak may develop from the front crankshaft seal. Our technicians tell us a revised front crankshaft seal is available to correct this concern.

Oil leak between the front two wheels. Dealer replaced oil pan & gasket asm plus drain plug. Leaked again 1000 miles later - replaced drain plug again. Leaking again at 10,000 miles -- will take back to dealer. "Jerry" service manager says Buick has a problem with this engine. . . now it is my problem. . .going to take this to the next level. -
oil leaks since 8500 miles has been in to dealer now 7 times for the same problem, have replaced all gaskets , oil pan etc. I think the car is a lemon -
Low oil indicator came on and said to shut off engine. Put in 1 quart of oil and happened again later. A Dye was put in oil and found oil pan leaking and Main Oils Seal, this is a dealer fix and I believe is the crankshaft seal. Have not gotten estimate yet but am expecting it to be expensive. -
leaking around front crankshaft seal Haven't fixed yet leaking around oil filter housing have fixed it leaking around oil sending switch have fixed that also leaking around water pump replaced water pump now leaking around radiator cant tell where its coming from will not buy another American car again and steill owe 7 thousand -
I purchased my used Lucerne Sept. 2013. After a 20 mile test drive to a friends auto repair store, we put it on the Hoist. I then reported back to the dealer that the car he was trying to sell me had a major oil leak, that the underside of the motor was covered with oil and that it was probably the front Crank seal. THAT made him jump. I ended up buying the car. The dealer repaired the problem under warranty, acted honorably and I ended up with a discount of $3k off their asking price and a beautiful navy blue luxury car for cheap. -
Front crank seal leaking oil...dripping on garage floor....seal replace by Buick dealer...part# 14090906... on 08 Jan 2011.. Oil still leaking ....3-10-2014....Mileage...7816...' another trip scheduled to dealer for 3-11-2014..... -
oil leaks, has been taken in to correct 3 times dealer cannot seem to correct the problem -
dealership change front seal did not fix problem dealership change oil pan did not fix problem still losing oil going to try a different dealership please don't take your car done Arbogast they don't do a very good job -
Went to Walmart to get oil change advised they would not do it because of the leak -
I had my oil changed and the tech reported that I had an oil leak coming from my front crank seal. It has not been repaired yet. -
Dealer just replaced crank seal at 74,000 mi. Also replaced leaking water pump. All under power train warranty. -
use oil 1Qt EVERY 1,000 miles sed it meets Buicks SPEC. -
I have had the same problem, repaired a couple of years ago, probably 25,000 -30,000 miles. So many problems with this vehicle. -
Oil pan gasket replaced twice. Both times dealership put in 5 qts. of oil and then on second one, the tech put in 5 1/2 qts. Apparently he doesn't like to look up the correct amount(4 qts.). Now, again a leak and they say coming from front crankshaft seal. Still under warranty and I like this car, but this is getting ridiculous. update of 07-30-2014: leaking again. Again, dealer replacing seals but now going back to oil pan to replace pan and gasket. Warranty still in effect for one more year or so. Will dump this vehicle prior to warranty expiration as I certainly don't want to pay for repairs. Buick has a problem but it becomes YOUR problem once the warranty runs out. They don't even make Lucerne's anymore so time to re-evaluate Buick as a car to buy. The Lacrosse is just not as good as the Lucerne is/was. -
oil leaking from engine took to dealer twice..replaced oil pan gasket..oil drian plug still leaking oil -
rear engine oil seal is leaking badly i just bought the car a week ago... -
Timing belt cover leaked at 4000 miles and has been replaced 4 times total. Oil pan gasket at around 7000 miles head gasket leak(both) at around 15000 miles Retained attorney -
Upon physically checking oil level in my 2010 Buick Lucerne 3.9L, V6 engine, with 25% oil life displyed on instrument panel between oil changes, none showed up on stick. Added a quart and level went to approximately 1/8 of an inch on stick...added another and it went to the mark just below the full mark. Took car to local dealer where car was purchased for an oil consumption test. I was told that there is an indication of an oil leak, but I assured the technician that there was no sign of oil leak on my cement garage floor. Changed oil and returned after 1,047 miles. Oil consuption test revealed .25/quart used and engine was again tested for an oil leak. Dye was added to oil and leak was observed at front of engine with a black light while engine was running. Crankshaft seal was replaced and was told that the problem was resolved. We shall see! Surely hope this new engine doesn't burn 2 quarts of oil in 4500 miles! -
Mechanic noticed front of engine motor oil leak. DWill need to take to dealer to have timing cover oil seal replaced -
2009 Buick Lucerne - Oil leak at 4000 miles, 4 trips to two dealers, gasket, oil pan and front main all replaced. Hope the improved front main seal will help on this 5th trip to the dealer. 30,500 miles now. -
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