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Buick Lucerne Engine misfires, runs rough, stalls unexpectly, no failure code

Buick Lucerne Problem
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Model Year Affected: 2008

Engine Affected: 3.8L V6

Average Mileage: 78,000 mi (36,000 mi - 120,000 mi)

  • Visitor, , 3.8L V6, 120,000 mi

    Mis fired and stalled just out of blue. No warn signs or even engine light. Cause was cracked ingnition coils which in turn burn out ingnition module and in turn the misfiring let large amount of gas into catalytic convert plugging it and causing engine not to run pass an ideal

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  • cebey, , 3.8L V6, 36,000 mi

    Car would begin to misfire, run rough, and stall after being driven for awhile. Sometimes door locks would chatter or other odd electrical problems. Poor connection of main harness into distribution box beneath the back seat. Replace connector and distribution box. Warning: Unburnt fuel in exhaust from initial problem will lead to catalytic converter failure.

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