Porsche Boxster Problem Report

Porsche Boxster Electrical Issue Due to Failed Ignition Switch

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If the vehicle cannot return to run position after start or if the interior fan is not getting power, it may be the electrical portion of the ignition switch has become erratic or has failed. The entire switch assembly should be replaced.

I had the same problem. Although I could turn off the engine and remove the key, turning the key as difficult and neither the fan or windshield wipers would operate. Replacing the switch resolved all the problems. Access to the two mounting screws is tricky. I suggest using a screw driver used for eyeglasses, flat blade, 2 1/2 inches long. Replacement of the plastic ductwork requires patience as the mating end by the door drops. Pay attention as this end is not rectangular and will only fit one way. -
I changed out the switch to resolve the issue -
water entered inside the car,and the alarm system M535 got spoil and burn,so it can not start any longer, i then bought another alarm system M535, and fixed but it cannot start but the security alarm started blowing,and the security ligh blinking,the door glasses can notgo down,boot and bonet can not open -
Steering wheel locks and will not unlock -
Key can be difficult to put in ignition, headlights are dim, bright lights don't work, wipers quit working, radio sometimes stays on indefinitely after car is turned off. -
Ignition switch would not turn nor release the key, engine ran in the off position-replaced ignition switch -
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