Volvo C70 Problem Report

Volvo C70 Door Lock Assembly May Fail and Cause Locking/Unlocking Problems

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Several issues occur with the door locks on the Volvo C70 and most are because of the door lock assembly. What happens is that one door will not lock while the other one does. In other cases you will lock the doors and then one of the doors will immediately unlock.

The problem is that the door lock assembly is defective and will need replacement. Replacement of this assembly on the C70 is very difficult and is not recommended by a novice. Getting the door and window aligned properly so that you don't get air or water leaks is very, very difficult.

Key will unlock and lock both doors, but handle won't open driver's side door. I have to open the passenger door and reach across to open the driver's side door from the inside. -
passenger door lock goes up & down in response to remote fob, but is not actually locked! -
while driving the door ajar message comes on must stop to re-close door(s) NO solution -
Right door lock won't work and all others do. -
Upon locking all doors, the front pass. door will lock then IMMEDIATELY unlock. Can not totally lock up car with key or FOB. -
Door locks go down with remote but they are not locked. -
When my car is cold it unlocks/locks fine but if it's been in the sun for a few hours the drivers side lock will give a twitch but not unlock so I use the key still can't figure it out -
right door will not look but looks locked. the remote lock works about 80% of time -
Left door of my 2004 Convertible will lock. Right passanger door appears locked but it isn't. -
Same problem, the locking mechanism will appear as though the latch is being locked as it goes down, but the door can still be opened both inside and outside the car. -
Similar door locking problems, fob operated intermittently,but key failed to lock or unlock drivers door. I removed the door lock and handle and found operating bar was not engaged into lock, very difficult to correct but persevered and success!!! Someone may have removed door lock previusly and not replaced carefully- followed Haynes manual instructions to the letter- great help. Not solved fob problems but hey ho.I can at least lock the car. Interesting fact that I found in this manual- if you can't lock the car with the key fob LOCK button, then press the UNLOCK button instead and walk away, within 2 minutes the door locks automatically. Oh yes, occasionally if I leave the door half open the locking mechanism clicks away by itself as if it is trying to operate- must be a midget inside the door having some fun. -
passenger door does not lock looks locked and unlocked -
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