Volvo V70 XC Problem Report

Volvo V70 XC Door Lock Assembly May Fail

(12 reports)

One or more door lock assembly may fail and cause door locking/unlocking problems.

Tailgate door becomes stuck from time to time. After someone slammed my door a little too hard, something came loose inside and I can hear it rattling inside. Immediately afterwards, when trying to open the rear tailgate, it felt like the latch would not release, even when door was unlocked and I was fully engaging the door handle. The knob that moves up and down is also at a sharp angle. Some days the rear door releases, some days it doesn't. -
Driver side front door will not open from either side, I'm all out of ideas. It's it electrical? Dealer offered me a used door for about $450 installed, I want to do it myself but, how do I get this one off or how do I fix it? -
I the passenger front door would not lock or unlock automatically. Now, the whole locking system acts goofy. I have not yet had it looked at or fixed. -
The temperature dropped to 26 degrees overnight and when attempted to use the key to unlock the driver's door, it did not turn over. Had to use hot water to unlock the door. -
i have to unroll window & open door from the outside. I just hope my elec. window keeps working. I don't want to crawl over to the passage door! -
Driver side door lock (with key)failed, have not fixed yet. Also passenger rear window switch only worked in down mode, temporarily disconnected switch to avoid being stuck w/ open window. Bypassed switch to get it back up. -
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