Lexus SC300 Problem Report

Lexus SC300 Dashboard Gauges May Be Hard to See Due to LED Problems

(40 reports)

There are reports of LED problems in the dashboard gauges. The lights burn out, making the gauges difficult to see at night, and require replacement.

my needles crapped on me today tooo... -
Tach and speed needles are orange when car is started. Starts flickering and then car performance drops off. Looking for a cure -
I had the same issue until I went to ebay and found shopandsave2000 store. He made me a set of NEW LED needles and they work better the what came on the car. I hope that anyone that reads this and has the same issue will look up and do the same. Only a $50.00 fix and you may get them in the colors that you wont. This will work on all sc300 up to 96. -
Yup. Lights on the dash go out. Currently don't have the light for my gas gauge and some of the lights on the speedometer don't work either. Mechanic wanted nearly $500 to fix it. -
some of the numbers on the odometer and the rpm light up and some don't not sure what that is also when on the highway it won't shift into the next gear after 55 mph -
Dashboard gauges are turning black and then going out entirely instead of staying orange/red. Cannot see at night. -
gas & rpm needle have no light. Spent $700.00 to repair. -
lights not illuminated at temp control. -
I am just reading up on it I saw a youtube on it and I am going to try it this weekend hopefully -
Speed and tac pins buned out. Dash lights very dim. Expensive repair!!! Power steering hose replaced $985.00 cost for a hose. Unbelieveable!!!!!! -
dashboard lights dimming and area turning black -
I just bought this car and I'm thrilled that it has the complete options package. Everything works on the car except a couple of minor issues. The LED lights in the TAC and speedometer needles dont work. They are black and hard to see. It would be great if someone posts how they went about fixing this. -
had never work since I got the car had the car for a year -
All other lights work on dash, but the led numbers are only visible under limited conditions. The dash lighting knob has no effect on led, just the regular bulbs. -
Left side of speedometer and other dashboard gagues out, guess I have to keep those needles further to the right! -
needles are dark and hard to see. almost impossible at night. -
My needles have also burned out and are in need of expensive replacement, which I am still saving for. -
My speedometer flourescent needle flickered and sometimes went out sporadically. Full gauge replacement (their initial proposal) would be super expensive, so I had Lexus Santa Monica switch the tach needle for the defective speedometer needle for less than half the price. It's still working fine at my current 68K miles. -
Heating and A/C dash lights on console have slowly gone out... -
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